It can be a hard life here if you raise your head above the shelter, but it adds character.

Ad Venture Burren  is a new way to experience The Burren, we take guests to explore with us, enjoying what we like to do.

We walk, cycle and climb  above ground, take trips to the cave systems below and have fun on the water, be it lake or sea. All the time taking in the magic of the unique environment that we have the privilege to live in.  And because we live here we cherish it all the more, giving us an insight to share with visitors.

Our focus is to ensure our visitors enjoy their time with us, enjoy the landscape, nature, history and culture of The Burren. We ensure they do so with the minimum impact on this delicate area. We want them to experience it as we do, we visit well known places as well as the lesser know ones but every place is in its own way different anyway, depending on the light, time of day or weather.

The Burren has been evolving into what it is today for the last 5000 to 6000 years or so(following millions of years of preparation!) It is probably at its zenith now, in need of care to protect what took so long to come to be. We contribute by keeping our impact to a minimum and endeavouring to help protect where we can. We  are careful to imbue our guest with the knowledge to allow them do the same.

The time we spend with visitors is also our time to enjoy what we love about the Burren, we think this ensures that they also will love this time and will experience this magic place as it should be, up close and personal.

The Poul Na Brone dolmen at night


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