At Ad Venture Burren we provide outdoor activities for people who are interested in experiencing the landscape and the various aspects and elements of that landscape in a total way.

We know our guests are interested in more than a good day out rock climbing, they want to know about the rock, the soil and the plants which grow in it, they also have an interest in the people who live on it.

When we go walking we insure that the walk includes a visit to a number of interesting sites, archaeology, botany, history or geology. this is not difficult in The Burren,a landscape which is in itself a special place. The karst landscape of The Burren is the largest area of karst in Europe.
It has attained Geo Park status with   UNESCO and also contains one of Ireland’s national parks. It encapsulates a number ASC’s (areas of special conservation) and Nature Reserves. We are also surrounded by a very large concentration of National Monuments, the heaviest concentration in Ireland or Europe.

On multi day breaks we also incorporate some conservation work as part of activities. Ad Venture Burren are currently working towards Eco Tourism certification and will also be providing accommodation in the near future in replica stone huts, a self catering unit and a bed and breakfast.

Evenings usually offer the chance to experience some traditional music in the local pubs. On a week long break we will teach you to do a ceili dance so you can join in. The area also has a large number of excellent food providers, from Farmers Markets where you may buy locally produced food, to top class restaurants of every level. We also visit a number of specialist food producers in the area. And don’t be scared now, but we use a little Gailge on our activities so you can pick up a cupla focal (that’s a few words) as well.


2 Responses to “WHAT WE DO”

  1. We are only down the road, so you must call in to us too 🙂

  2. We are dying to call in and have a chat with you and your pigs!

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