Ad Venture Burren is a new way to experience The Burren, we take guests to explore with us, enjoying what we like to do.

We provide full day walking experiences and half day walking experiences. We have many walks with each one taking guests through the unique Burren landscape, visiting places of interest from a botanical, geological and historical point of view. Being The Burren all our walks have wide expansive views and spectacular vistas. For mixed groups our walks are pre-arranged and will take place in different areas on a rotation. For a single group the walk can be selected in advance, depending on the group’s interest should they wish to primarily visit one type of area over another. This could be a focus on the geology or botany, historic sites or walks with good photographic opportunities. The level of physical effort is also variable, in general the walks are at a moderate level, requiring a reasonable level of fitness and a good level of surefooted ness. If required more strenuous walks can be provided or on the other hand easy walks on more level ground are also possible. In short The Burren has walks for every level of walker and always provides a high level of interest and spectacular views.

Our full and half day climbing trips take place on various crags in the area, there are crags to suit all levels and all are as ever in stunning locations. As with our walks the climbing days for mixed groups rotate around the various crags and are suited for all levels. To take part a reasonable level of fitness is required and again you will need to be able to traverse rough ground and have a good sense of balance. The details of our climbing days are available on the relevant area of this web site.

These days can be standalone days out or they can be combined to make up a multi-day break including accommodation with one of our partners. Again these breaks can be tailored to suit a group and what level of activity and accommodation they require.

In the future we intend to provide accommodation in replica stone huts, based on the type of dwelling which would have been found in this area over the last several thousand years. The huts will be constructed in a similar manner to the original buildings but will contain the most high Tech. materials under the skin.  The huts will be very well insulated and they will be heated with an under floor system.

The heating will be provided by renewable systems, a bio mass burner and solar thermal, with volto voltaic and wind generation to follow.


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