A day climbing is, in a way the oddest day out! It flips from relaxed and chilled at the base of a cliff, sea pounding in the background and birds passing over head so relaxed you might forget that you were just about as scared as you have ever been ten minutes ago as you felt the pure adrenaline flow.

It’s how you feel as you make a move from one foot or handhold to another. Will the next hold be able to support you or will you be able to hold it well enough not to fall. It’s not as if your in any real danger, the rope will hold you safe, but the concept of falling is always there, your on a tenuous spot a long way from the ground and its all down to you. If you fall its you who fell, its entirely up to you to  make it to the finish. Then, sometimes you don’t know how but you’re there, lying on the rock safe at the top. The rush has passed and as you look back down the way you came its a feeling of I did it! and, why did I do that?

Between times you watch someone else go through the same process, it really looks like the holds are obvious from down below. They may ask for some guidance, or carry on regardless. Next time you think, I will know where that big hand hold is!

We take you to a number of crags where you can climb on unlisted climbs of various grades or on classic routes which are world famous. The scenery is spectacular, the locations are varied from open mountain crag to sea cliff to small enclosed escarpments.

You can climb on grades from easy to extremely difficult, but that’s really not the point. A climbing experience is a day when you challenge yourself, its nothing to do with beating the crag or being better than anyone else, its about you doing something that is a challenge to you. Its not a competition, its not about danger or risk, its about you doing it and enjoying it, feeling good that you did as much as you did. At the finish of a climbing session you will feel you did something special, pointless, you could have walked around! but special for the inner experience that defines climbing. The challenge is always the challenge within more than the direct challenge of the climb and that is what makes the climbing experience such a different one to every other outdoor activity.


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