A well preserved fort near Carran, Co. Clare

Ad Venture Burrens environmental policy is simple.

We will use as few resources as possible in carrying out our activities, directly and subsidiary.

We will encourage guests coming to travel as much as possible by public transport. Once here we will also strive to transport our guest in as environmentally friendly a way as possible.

All our inputs will be sourced from suppliers who are also eco friendly where possible. We will also source as locally as possible.

The maximum use will be made of renewable resources in our buildings. A high level of insulation will be utilised in all buildings. Within the environs of our building we  will plant and manage the areas to encourage wild life and in as natural a manner as possible.

We promote and insist on a minimum impact leave no trace policy be adhered to by all our staff and visitors. Every activity is preceded by a short orientation in which we explain what this is and why t is important.


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