As ever it’s the small things . . .

Work has started on the Environmental policy for Stone Huts, it seems like an easy task. Assess the things you do in an eco friendly way, make a plan to improve the things you don’t do as well as you might, and identify the other things you should be doing.

Having decided to look at the basics first it seemed logical to follow the triangle  of needs model, so food first and in food terms we start with breakfast, so what’s on the menu?  We plan to use as much local produce as possible, fine, that’s clear enough. But we also plan to use Fair Trade products, and that’s good too, right?

But do we use Fair Trade orange juice, or local apple juice? And what if people want orange juice? Are we in the realm of the nanny state if we refuse to provide it, or are we fulfilling our role in helping to educate? Or just being a bit over the top? Is it acceptable to use Fair Trade juice with many miles travelled? After all it is a product with the advantage of having a positive effect on the producers in the developing world. Or should we only use Fair Trade products when its an item that can only be produced in far flung regions and we don’t have a reasonable replacement for, coffee and tea for example or chocolate, who can live without chocolate?

That’s a lot of questions, and that’s just the first item! are we going to end up with a huge tome of an environmental policy?

Well, lets try be balanced, is it vital to have OJ? no. decision made. Local juice and Fair Trade Coffee and Tea it is.

Next item, rashers, easy it’s a fellow network member for them. and eggs are for sale up the road. But will I cycle or drive to pick them up because I can’t do a proper chilled delivery on the bike.

oh no . . . go deobhal

Its the little things that jump up and bite you in the arse! watch out for the Jack Russels.


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