GM potatoes, What is it they don’t get?

Having just signed the petition against the planting of GM potatoes in Ireland by Teagasc (Irish Research and Advisory Body for Agriculture) and EPA I wonder, what is it that they don’t get?

Thanks to Jason Horner for the heads up on the petition.

One arm of our policy makers are pushing a green agenda, good food, produced naturally while this shower are sending the message that yes, we say that now but … we are still preparing to go the GM route. Will it look like we have a green public face while doing the dirty deeds in the background?

given the level of light(no) touch regulation that has us in hock for the next who knows how many generations why would anyone not think this to be the case?

So its time for our Minister of Agriculture to take control and make sure that the story is more than just a story. He must ensure that all the state and semi state bodies involved in the food sector as well as any NGO in the area that receives public funds has a non GM policy and agenda and that they not only state they are not supporting GM but that they demonstrate this in a positive way.

We cannot and do not want to compete with food mass produced on intensive factory farms, we have a product which is almost unique in Europe and should be marketed on that basis and at a premium. That way we can ensure a future for food production which is not dependant on oil based products which are becoming scarcer and will therefore become more expensive. And we will not have to depend on companies such as Monsanto who are trying to turn seed into a controlled substance that they can collect royalties on. Nature is not and should not become the property of the corporate sector because if it does we will then not just be raped by the banking fraternity but will  will also be starved by the likes of Monsanto and ICI. And have no doubt if it turns an extra cent on the dollar its an acceptable outcome for them for them the bottom line is a return on investment, do we want to be beholden to them?

Say no, sign the petition, the link is below. Because, remote as it may seem the work being done by Teagasc  is part of this industrialisation of food production and we need not to be part of it, we need to part of stopping it. So do your little bit because it all adds up.


~ by stonehuts on March 12, 2012.

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